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China5XW-5 Indented Cylinder

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China5XW-5 Indented Cylinder

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Hyde-Maosheng 5XW-5 Indented Cylinder
(1) Function: grading of all granular materials by its length
(2) Capacity: 5t/h (based on wheat with 3% impurities).

1. Introduction of Hyde 5XW-5 indented cylinder
Indented cylinders combines long and short grain separation in one system, separating products by its length. They are usually used after the pre-cleaning machine or air screen cleaner. The speed of the cylinders and the flow rate is adjustable for different processing materials to achieve a maximum quality of product separation.

2. Application of Hyde 5XW-5 indented cylinder
Hyde 5XW-5 indented cylinders are used for sorting and separating granular and free flowing products such as wheat, paddy, barley, maize, fine seeds, and sticks from sunflower or sugar beet, plastic particles etc.

3. Construction of Hyde 5XW-5 indented cylinder
Hyde 5XW-5 indented cylinder machine is equipped with one indented cylinder for short grain separation and one for long grain separation. Inside each cylinder there is a trough with an auger conveyor. Each cylinder is driven by a gear motor.

4. Working principle of Hyde 5XW-5 indented cylinder
Working part of indented cylinder is the rotating cylinders whose cover is provided with deep drawn spherical shaped pockets for the most precise length separation.
Grains which sizes are smaller than pockets will settle in the indented pockets, and will be lifted with the rotation of cylinder, after a certain distance (adjustable to suit) will fall out of the pockets under gravity into the trough, then will be discharged to the product outlet by auger conveyor. Impurities which are longer than the indent diameter will remain on the inside surface of cylinder and slide out to corresponding outlet of the cylinder.

5. Features of Hyde 5XW-5 indented cylinder  
Bolted robust steel structure and compact size.
Full closed cylinder to reduce the dust.
Cylinders can be series or parallel as per requirement, driven by individual motor.
Quick changeable indented cover, easy to remove the accumulation.
Easy and adjustable trough positioning.
Dust aspiration outlet connects to dust collector.

6. Technical parameter of Hyde 5XW-5 indented cylinder

HYDE MACHINERY 5XW seed indented cylinder technical parameters.jpg

1. Machine can be converted to different cleaning programs, cylinder cover shall be changed accordingly.
2. Above technical data can vary due to continued development, or different machine configurations. 

Welcome to contact Kaifeng Hyde Machinery for seed indented cylinder cleaner and grader!

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